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A special thanks to the Daily Star and Vibrant Brands

In an effort to deliver important information to Pit Run 2020 participants and donors, we have temporarily narrowed the navigation of our website.

The annual Pit Run is an activity of “The Ricky J. Parisian Memorial Scholarship Foundation, Inc.”. The purpose of the foundation is to establish a scholarship fund intended to provide financial assistance to a graduating senior(s) from Oneonta High School who demonstrates the ability to enhance the local community. This $4,000 scholarship is provided annually in the memory of Ricky J. Parisian, a 1978 graduate of Oneonta High School. This financial support is renewed each year through completion of (at least) their initial degree. In addition, the foundation, when possible, will allocate funds to support educational opportunities/programs for surrounding area, including avenues of social enrichment.

Currently, there are six scholarship recipients pursuing their degrees (or advanced degrees).

**Regardless of the 27th Annual (Virtual) Pit Run participation, The Parisian Foundation is committed to honoring these 2020/2021 scholarships: Fall semester $11,000; Spring $11,000; Fall $13,000 **Grant support to area children’s programs could be affected by the turnout for this year’s event.

Thank you, in advance, for your anticipated support!